Kegerators For Your Home

Are You looking for a way to keep  your beer cold?

Or perhaps you are tired of cleaning up cans and bottles after you have the boys over to watch  the big game?

If so, you’re not alone. And the good news is that a GREAT solution exists!

The SOLUTION… Buy a free standing kegerator and be the hit of the neighborhood!


AVOID frequent trips to the store to restock beer supply
AVOID recycling day embarrassment with bins full of empty beer bottles or cans
AVOID trips to the Kitchen from the Man Cave during a football game
AVOID warm beer
KEEP beer cold on the back patio
KEEP beer cold poolside

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This system has been SO effective – take it from this video review: 

Now here is a group of guys that took it over the top by plumbing their friend’s entire home with cold beer.

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